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Queen Thorne Parish Council


Nether Compton Councillors

Cllr Harry Brewer (Planning & Village Hall Representative)

Stallen Cottage, Nether Compton, DT9 4PZ

Tel: 01935 812815

Cllr Roger Dodd (Vice Chairman)

5 Plum Orchard, Nether Compton, DT9 4QA

Tel: 01935 815033

E-mail: rogeradodd@hotmail.com

Cllr Clive Yendole (Recreation Ground Representative)

Bradstone Cottage, Nether Compton, DT9 4QE

Tel: 01935 814933

E-mail: anthonyyendole@gmail.com

Cllr Sharon Biddiscombe

Sheriffs Lodge, Nether Compton, DT9 4QA

Tel: 01935 812820

E-mail: s.biddiscombe362@btinternet.com


Over Compton Councillors

Cllr Lynn Carter

3 Compton House, Over Compton , Sherborne, DT9 4DJ

Tel: 07776 218350

E-mail: lynn_carter3@aol.co.uk

Cllr Boris (Andrew) Chick (Planning & Village Hall Representative)

Old Mill Farm, Over Compton, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4QY

Tel: 01935 421362

E-mail: borisandsj@hotmail.com


Sandford Orcas Councillors

Cllr Sally Allcard (Planning Representative)

Haile Hill Cottage, Sandford Orcas, DT9 4RU

Tel: 01963 220520

E-mail: sallyallcard@btinternet.com

Cllr Jan Lowe

Willowtree Barn, Sandford Orcas, Sherborne, DT9 4SE

Tel: 01963 220490

E-mail: jan@jelowe.com

Cllr Rowlie McBeath (Chairman and Village Hall Representative)

Brook House, Sandford Orcas, DT9 4RP

Tel: 01963 220208

E-mail: Rowlie.mcbeath@mac.com


Trent Councillors

Cllr Harry Harris (Planning representative)

The Old School House, Trent, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4ST

Tel: 01935 851814

E-mail: harris_ hilary@hotmail.com

Cllr Mike Hayton

Gore House, Trent, DT9 4SJ

Tel: 01935 850371, 07802 270793

E-mail: mhayton@spectrum.pm

Cllr Phil Street

Harbins Farm, Malthouse Lane, Trent, DT9 4SU

Tel: 01935 851848 Mobile: 07850 028848

E-mail: rrb@btinternet.com

Cllr Roger Kipling

Lyes House, Hummer, Trent, DT9 4SH

Tel: 01935 850926

E-mail: rogerkipling@lyeshouse.co.uk